Black Hats Matter

It is 2023 and we are a few years now since “black lives matter” movement started.

black lives matter

Databases in a cluster are not called “master” and “slave” anymore, and the “blacklist” word for the list of issues is also vaporizing from the lexicons of all reasonable people. The biggest corporations in the US and worldwide are working on fixing the misuse of improper terms in their technology and documentation.

Yet, this Dark Reading article by Jonathan Care decided to bring “Black” word back to mark the evil in their article’s title on December 30, 2022. Yep, it is just a few weeks ago, and that’s why it is triple weird my dear DarkReading editors!

Do not be confused: the word “Black” is used in this article in a very negative context representing the vulnerability of various APIs due to security issues.

DarkReading should be ashamed

The above screenshot represents the original Dark Reading article by Jonathan Care as of December 2022.

Dark Reading should do a much better job while selecting their authors and proofreading texts. This title smells bad! And IMHO this particular article should be removed from the public domain. Shame on you, Dark Reading and Mr. Jonathan Clare, the writer.

Jonathan Care

Please meet Jonathan Care, a Contributing Writer at Dark Reading whose article voted against basic modern community principles like diversity and inclusion. He should have thought twice about his article’s title, but he did not. Probably, he is not exactly a “thinker” type, is he?