Digital Experience Journal: Top 20 Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022

Digital Enterprise Journal’s recently published analysis of IT performance markets, 24 Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2022. Designed to help end-user organizations understand what solution is the best fit for their specific needs, it provides an in-depth analysis of which vendors, including Catchpoint, align with key user requirements for managing IT performance in relation to this year’s key trends.

Catchpoint is proud of customers like Equinix, SAP and Cox Automotive, who tell their success stores with the company’s products:

Kelsey Waters, Senior Director of Cloud Operations, Equinix:

Catchpoint gives Equinix a more complete picture of internet visibility into what’s going on in the network, and that helps the company solve problems more quickly and communicate problems with clarity for customers. With Catchpoint, Equinix is able to identify and diagnose issues in a matter of minutes and begin to correct them before they become larger problems for end users.

Equinix is a leader in the digital infrastructure space, providing a platform that guarantees flexibility, scalability, and security. Top-tier enterprises, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud providers rely on Equinix to deliver services and expect no compromise when it comes to digital performance.

Equinix is a neutral co-location and data center provider. “The fundamental idea of Equinix was to create a place where competitive networks could come together and share data in a secure way,” explains Kelsey Waters of Cloud Operations. Equinix includes its subset, Equinix Metal. Equinix Metal provides bare metal services in a consumption-based model, similar to public clouds but in a bare metal fashion (Catchpoint is itself a customer).

Digital performance is crucial to Equinix, as they help customers scale businesses with agility and ease, without worrying about critical infrastructure. With more than 220 data centers in over 26 locations worldwide, Equinix strives to maintain 99.9% uptime. Equinix partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Ensure service reliability.
  • Offer customers insights into observability and performance trends.
  • Maintain consistent availability and reachability.
  • Provide a full picture of the internet.

To ensure customers provide the best end-user experience, Equinix services must consistently run at peak levels. That’s why they invested in Catchpoint’s end user observability solution to stay ahead of any network-impacting incident