Cloud Monitoring Market Size Estimations

According to a marketing study, the global IT infrastructure monitoring market is supposed to grow at 13.6% CAGR reaching USD $64.5 in 2031. Modern IT infrastructure becomes increasingly more complex and requires new skills from IT personnel, often blurring the borders between IT staff, DevOps, and development teams. With the continued move from on-prem deployments to the enterprise cloud, IT infrastructure goes to the cloud as well, and thus IT teams have to learn basic cloud-DevOps skills, such as scripting, cloud-based scaling, events creation, and monitoring. Furthermore, no company today offers a complete monitoring solution that can monitor any network device and software component.

Thus, IT teams have to build their monitoring solutions piece by piece, using various mostly not interconnected systems, developed by different, often competing vendors. For some organizations, it also comes to compliance, such as GDPR or ISO requirements, and to SLAs that obligate the IT department to timely detect, report, and fix any issue with their systems. In this challenging multi-system and multi-device environment, network observability becomes the key to enterprise success. IT organizations keep increasing their budgets seeking to reach the comprehensive cloud and on-prem monitoring for their systems and devices, and force the employees to run network and device monitoring software on their personal devices, such as mobile phones and laptops. This trend also increases the IT spend on cybersecurity solutions such as SDR and network security analysis with various SIEM tools.