Full Stack IT Observability Will Drive Business Performance in 2023

Cisco predicts that 2023 will be shaped by a few exciting trends in technology, including network observability with business correlation. Cisco’s EVP & Chief Strategy Officer Liz Centoni is sure that

To survive and thrive, companies need to be able to tie data insights derived from normal IT operations directly to business outcomes or risk being overtaken by more innovative competitors

and we cannot agree more.

Proper intelligent monitoring of digital assets along with distributed tracing should be tightly connected to the business context of the enterprise. Thus, any organization can benefit from actionable business insights while improving online and digital user experience for customers, employees, and contractors. Additionally, fast IT response based on artificial intelligence data analysis of monitored and collected network and assets events can prevent or at least provide fast remediation for the most common security threat that exists in nearly any modern digital organization: misconfiguration. 79% of firms have already experienced a data breach in the past 2 years, while 67% of them pointed to security misconfiguration as the main reason.

Misconfiguration of most software products can be timely detected and fixed with data collection and machine learning of network events and configuration files analyzed by network observability and network monitoring tools. An enterprise should require its IT departments to reach full stack observability, and connect the results with the business context. It is particularly important since we know that 99% of cloud security failures are customers’ mistakes (source: Gartner). Business context should be widely adopted as a part of the results delivered by intelligent observability and cybersecurity solutions.