Predictive Networks: is it the Future?

Post-chatGPT Update as of May 26th, 2023:
Cisco and their EVP Liz Centoni have probably never been so wrong before in their useless predictions!

“Predictive Network” is a cool term but it goes down to some things that Cisco EVP Liz Centoni does not consider cool or trending anymore: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), which collect and analyze millions of network events, delivering problem-solving solutions. AI-based Predictive Networks, that by the way, are one of Liz’s 2023 “trends” predictions are contradicting her statement that

The cloud and AI are no longer frontiers

Obviously, Cisco’s EVP and Chief Strategy Officer Centoni refers to Cisco’s own Predictive Network product which, quoting Cisco now

 rely on a predictive engine in charge of computing (statistical, machine learning) models of the network using several telemetry sources

So how exactly AI is “no longer the frontier” Liz, if machine learning powers Predictive Networks that you predict to become a 2023 trend?