Yet Another Investment in a Cloud Network Monitoring and Cyberdefense Startup

SynSaber has recently announced a $13 million series A investment. SynSaber is an early-stage cybersecurity and network monitoring company that develops OT visibility and detection solutions for machine learning cloud monitoring and network observability. SynSaber develops vendor-agnostic software for critical cloud and edge infrastructure that allows sending OT data to empower SIEM, SOAR, or MSSP. Cloud edge assets are often targeted by cybercriminals and SynSaber provides a new line of defense and a solution for intelligent cloud monitoring on the edge.

The latest round brings total investment in the startup to $15.5 million. SynSaber is well positioned on the industrial asset and cloud edge and network monitoring market. The company expands its global footprint and gains market momentum.

SynSyber’s  H1-2022 report shows the efficiency of the startup’s solution, which uncovers that 13% of CVEs reported in 2022 have no patch or fix currently available from the vendor, while 34% of CVEs could only be patched after a firmware update. Furthermore, 23% of CVEs require local or physical access to the system. These numbers demonstrate the growing need for sophisticated fully automated machine learning cloud monitoring solutions for edge computing, hybrid and private clouds. Intelligent computing edge and cloud monitoring help timely detect infrastructure issues, including security flaws and misconfiguration issues, and fix them before they are exploited by cybercriminals.